Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Picking Up The Travel Bug In Australia

Well everyone, now that I have traveled to Australia it has opened me up to continue traveling and seeing the world.  Maybe its not time to go back to reality just yet.  I have to reveal that it seems trying to adjust back to being in the United States has been a bit of a challenge between the time change, the jet lag, and the travel bug.  Oops I guess I didn't mention I got a contagious virus called "The Travel Bug."  The travel bug is deadly!!  What do I do about this travel bug and how do I get rid of it? I think the only cure is to go on another trip.  So the question is where will I go next?

You will find out in my next blog that can be found at Carlas Got The Travel Bug.  I hope you all make your way to that blog.  It might be quite scary but at the same time adventurous.  Its not goodbye for now.  Its I will see you shortly!!

Friday, January 17, 2014

Australia Contiki Tour Ends!!

Today is the day we are making our way back to Cairns.  As we make our way back our bus driver is giving us a guided tour through the Cape Tribulation Rainforest.

Warning signs for people not to go in the water because of deadly jelly fish
Helpful Australian Map of the area
What do you think of the view? I seem to like it
My new Australian and Canadian friends, we picked them up in Cairns
Hiding in the oldest most twisted tree in the rainforest
On our way back to Cairns, we stopped in Port Douglas there were lots of shops to walk around as well as restaurants and cute little cafes.  Walked around and did some window shopping.  We had about 1.5 hours to kill until the bus was headed back to Cairns.

Once we headed back to Cairns everyone went their separate ways.  For dinner I walked down to the nightmarkets. After that, time to go to sleep gotta wake up at 3 am to go to the airport.

Time to Say Good Bye To Australia, I will miss you! Hopefully I will see you in the future.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Zip Line In Cape Tribulation

Took the plunge and decided to go zip lining a.k.a canopy surf.  Some of us from the group were picked up by a small bus that took us up a mountain through the rainforest.  When we arrived, several instructors were waiting for us.  They helped us put our equipment on.  We were allowed to choose our helmets.  I chose Princess Leia since people on the tour called me a "princess."  After we put our equipment on we walked up a trail that led us to the first zipline.

Once we arrived they hooked each one of us up to ropes that were attached to a line that goes across to the next stop.  Each stop there were different obstacles you could do, some rope lines were shorter and slower, others were longer and faster.

Did a canon ball across on this obstacle, check it out!!

The story behind this last video is, the instructor told me my harness was too loose but he still sent me across anyways.  It was a total setup, when I got to the middle the instructors stopped me.  Everyone started screaming and yelling because they were trying to scare me by making me think I was going to fall. I was so scared and pissed at the same time lol.

Cape Tribulation

When we were picked up at the hotel to head up to Cape Tribulation it was a smaller bus.  Our Contiki group was combined with another Contiki group that was just starting. We will be making several stops before we make our way to Cape Tribulation.  First stop we made was the top view of the ocean, where we all did a group shot.

We then stopped in a place for lunch that had a strip mall of shops, it is the town of the Aborigine people.  I walked around the area. In the streets I noticed the Aborigine people very dark skinned, the men have long grayish beards.  I took a walk over to where the park was where I went behind and there happened to be a small skate park area.  I sat on the bleachers and watched two boys riding their bicycles up and down the ramps.

We went to an area where we met an Aborigine tour guide who would take us to a place that is off the normal path for tourists.  The tour guide brought us through the rainforest and showed us some of their oldest customs.  There was a small area where they had tree bark put together and a fire was going.  The smoke that was coming from the area was a symbol of their culture to worship the wildlife, and appreciate peace? 

We continued on the path where we were taken to an area where we could take a dip in the river.  There were rapids coming down and lots of large rocks surrounding the rapids.

The tour guide was making paint using the rainforest tree pushes, rocks, and dirt.  He was painting people's faces.  This is an Aborigine symbol of their culture, known as war paint.

After the tour through the rainforest, we headed to a place that makes homemade ice-cream.  In one cup of ice cream you get four scoops which you can choose different flavors.  The tour guide told us, there are many unique flavors made on a daily basis.  When flavors run out, all new flavors are made on the spot.

There was very much vegetation and wildlife in the vicinity as I walked around. 

I walked down the road a little bit and discovered these amazing trees.  Take a look below at what they were.
Banana Trees

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Full Day White Water Rafting

Early start to get to our destination for the white water rafting activity.  Make sure you bring water resistant non slip sandals with you for this activity, otherwise the company makes you rent a pair.  When we got to our destination we were divided into groups of 6.

It just so happened, I didn't know there were any female instructors for this activity.  A woman walked up to me and started making conversation.  I asked her if she had ever white water rafted before, she responded yes.  I assumed she was a tourist like us, lol.  So I asked her if she knew who our instructor was, she looked at me and said, "I am your instructor." I laughed.  I felt so embarrassed.  Anyways we all put our equipment on and collected the paddles.  Once we got into the rafts the instructor went over all the safety instructions.

All smiles we didn't fall out of the raft

I got to sit at the front and get soaked through one of the rapids. This is me happy the I survived

Observing the slow people. We were ahead of everyone else

Going through a waterfall. Really we were all just taking a bath, if you know what I mean!!

The group celebrating our success
Well everyone, I can officially say I made it out alive without one scratch or bruise.  Hooray!!!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

2 Day Farewell Dinner and After Drinks

Today most of the group is headed out to the Great Barrier Reef.  Sorry folks, unfortunately due to how rough I was warned the water would be heading out to the Reef, I opted out of going.  I decided to round up the leftover people that stayed behind and do some exploring in the town of Cairns.  Today was more of a free day.

After everyone got back from the Great Barrier Reef, we all got dressed up for our farewell dinner in Cairns.
We went to an Aborigine restaurant for our last meal together.  I tried kangaroo at this restaurant.  It tasted just like steak just cooked a little less than I would normally eat.  Above you see our tour guide making a speech, it brought tears to everyone's eyes. 

After the farewell dinner the tour guide took us to a local bar where everyone got crazy to music and danced!! Enjoy the photos. It was technically our last night of enjoyment with the whole group.

Local pub hotspot, pjobriens in Cairns

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Today Is A Good Day For The Whitsundays

This is what I woke up to today.  Isn't it amazing??

Clear blue waters!!

Down by the marina, getting ready to go on a catamaran.

Its a full day to go on a catamaran to Kamira Island.  The weather was perfect and watching the clear blue water was so peaceful.  I did find that the water was rocky at times though, so again keep in mind sea sickness pills.

All geared up

All set, can we jump in
All I need is my noodle 

Before we went to lunch we were taken to an area to snorkel.  You could see the reefs and all sorts of color fish in the water.  I almost opted out of taking the little swimming device but decided you never know if you might need it.  So glad I decided to get the "noodle."

After we finished snorkeling we had lunch which included refreshments throughout the day, then tea and cookies for dessert.

Perfect PostCard Picture
After lunch we were taken to the Whitsundays.  They were the famous white beaches of the world.  I had 
never seen anything like it.
Hey girls, I think I'm gonna jump in the picture!!

Marking our territory!!

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Daydream Island

Today is a driving day to head up to Daydream Island.  The group will be split up, some will be going to Whitsundays to stay on a boat to sail, others will be staying at a Resort on Daydream Island. 

On the ferry heading to Daydream Island. Check it out!!

Throw your hands up in the air
Oh no he's falling overboard. S.O.S.

We have arrived at the exotic Daydream Island Resort  

Photos of the swanky hotel lobby. I'm impressed, how about you?